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Founded in 1978, Biblionova is a cooperative society, working in the field of documentation, in degree of providing management services for libraries, archives, and documentation centers, and a wide array of professional development activities.
Biblionova’s staff, highly qualified and with many years of experience, is responsible for cataloguing and describing funds of antique documents, modern and digital print, converting paper catalogues, digitizing assets of any kind, ordering, inventorying and computerizing historical records and designing and setting up spaces.
Training and professional development are another strong point of the cooperative. The program includes sit-in training courses, custom courses at the request of organizations and institutions, and long distance education.
Through the design and marketing area, Biblionova deals with selecting, designing and preparing regional projects, national and European individually and in collaboration with public and private partners.
Biblionova adheres to the national trade associations AIB, AIDA, ANAI and ASPIDI.
Since 2008 Biblionova is in possession of the quality certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.

  • Biblionova Società Cooperativa
    Piazza Antonio Mancini, 4
    00196 Roma
    Tel.: 06.3974.2906
    Fax: 06.323.2451

    Codice Fiscale: 03217650583
    Partita IVA: 01172631002
    Iscr. Trib. n° 2283/78
    C.C.I.A.A n° 428165

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